Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

3rd Eye India GPS Vehicle Tracking System provides accurate and complete information about location, speed and time of your vehicle. A vehicle tracking system is a Mobile-Computerized based tracking system that uses Global Positioning Service (GPS). The people who want to check location of their fleets of transportation, can get benefits with the help of GPS. Also they can view the location of their assets.

3rdeyeindia provides you the best GPS vehicle tracking systems and solutions that let you manage your business resources efficiently. Our vehicle tracking systems are simple to use, and delivered completely tested, so it does not create any problem in starting tracking your vehicles the right away.

Vehicle tracking systems are famous in shopper vehicles as recovery devices. Police can follow the signal emitted by this system and place the stolen vehicle.  Our GPS vehicle tracking systems allow you to analyze and optimize routes leading to low fuel costs. Also beneficial in reducing overtime and improving fleet productivity.

GPS Based tracking devices can do real time tracking of your vehicle. They use onboard battery while any power disconnection.There are six types  of vehicle trackers given below.

  • Vehicle travel time Tracker
  • Vehicle idle time Tracker
  • Vehicle mileage Tracker
  • Vehicle speed Tracker
  • Vehicle location and status Tracker
  • Vehicle fuel status Tracker
GPS Vehicle Tracker

Dashboard & Behaviour

“Manage By Exception” and Quickly Identify Risky Driving Behavior.You can view all vehicles reporting an Alert Condition within a chosen time period. You can see a Snapshot of driver behavior and vehicle information. You can also get speed alerts and monitor excessive idle time to help control fuel costs.

Mapping & Location

You can track and locate vehicles real time. You can customize a map, fix some points as per your interest and you can get the details when vehicles passes through those particular points. You can also get proper vehicle battery power alerts or voltage alerts.

Support & Reporting

You can customize and update account information and security settings. We also provide online user guide through which you can get help. You can view and print detailed report of any time period which will help you to manage your business. You can export fleet activity data to use for time cards, location verification and payroll.