Pet Tracking Devices

GPS Pet Trackers

A Pet tracker device is an instrument which monitors your Pet’s Location and directly notifies you if they are not there where you suppose to be. It is a rubber collar device with GPS and a battery compartment communicates by the owner’s handset, which is also includes compass and GPS. It displays the direction and distance from the Pet, and continuously updated in it. It includes backlight if you use in night. This devise doesn’t require any other specific services.

Pet Trackers

Long Battery Life

3rd Eye India’s Pet Tracker comes with a long lasting Li-Ion battery and utilizes our exclusive PowerSave Technology™ to get the most out of the battery life.

Nationwide Coverage

3rd Eye India uses cellular and GPS technology and has nationwide coverage across the United States via the nation’s largest wireless network.

Size, Weight & Water Resistance

3rd Eye India’s Pet tracker is flexible in size i.e. you can use it even for birds and its made with material which makes it super lightweight.