Personal Tracking Device

GPS Personal Tracker

GPS personal tracker is a system that utilizes Global Positioning System to find out the exact location of person or other thing that is bind and indicate the location in regular time intervals. It is used incredibly for all kinds of people, for a range of uses and many other uses. It is a combination of latest technology which offers reliable and comprehensive tracking.

GPS Personal Tracking Device recorded the location data is stored in a tacking storage unit, and transmitted to the central location of tracking database or an internet connected device. This device allows user the exact location to be displayed in map when analyzing the track. Nowadays the data tracking software is available smart phones with GPS compatibility.


SOS & Phone Calls

Emergency SMS messaging to 3 personal numbers – great for keeping track of children or for the elderly. Make and receive phone calls to your 3 pre-set numbers. Send your exact GPS location to a mobile phone or see on the web where the device is located. Call the device and get its GPS location. 

Security & Safety

You can keep an eye on your aging parents and help you locate them if they get lost. You can get an extra layer of protection for your loved ones with GPS Locators.

Protect Your Family

You can monitor your vehicles and locate your family in an emergency. You can also get to know if the vehicle has been involved in an accident.