Mobile Jammer

Mobile Phone Jammers

Mobile phones are generally used these days. With the rapid development of high technology, 3G signal have also come into the market. These communication cell phone frequency bands make it possible for people globally communicate with each other. Along with this many of the people are suffering from negative effects of the mobile phones too.  Mobile phone jammers can help people effectively in this case.

Mobile jammers are the devices used to prevent mobile phones from transmitting or receiving signals only by creating interference at the same frequency ranges which cell phones use.  This causes enough interference with the communication between mobile phones and the towers to render the cell phones impracticable. Mobile phone jammers are mostly used in the places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive e.g. libraries, hospitals, colleges and cinemas.

Mobile jammers


You can carry within the pocket and block mobile phone signals from any location up to specific range. Any disturbances originated from phone call or messages can be avoided. Also prevents mobile communications in and around the nearby regions.

Control & Security

Mobile Jammers are used to create temporary silence to the mobile phones in the specific range which is covered by signal jammers. Police can interrupt communication during emergency situation and terrorist threats.

No Noisy Desperation

Stop annoying interruptions by mobile ringing if busy in an official meeting. The best and easiest method to block GSM signals and so disables all cellular phones around you.