Speed Limiter

Electronic Speed Governor

To improve safety on the road, Our Electronic Road Speed Limiter helps you comply with the law. This speed limiter is micro-controller based electronic unit and easy to install too. Rising fuel costs are becoming an issue these days and that is why speed governors help to restrict a driver’s speed while driving, and with it reduce fuel costs. Speed limiters also limit how fast the drivers can drive and make accelerating to fast speeds more tough. This makes larger vehicle safer on the road. Basically Electronic Speed Governor is a device that restricts the maximum speed of a vehicle to a preset limit.


1) Reduces CO emissions and fuel consumption

2) Long Engine Life

3) Reliable

4) versatile

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Electronic Speed Governor

Fuel Control

Electronic Speed Governor is highly vigorous electronic circuitry which accepts speed signals from speed sensor and activates a solenoid to control fuel flow and effectively increases vehicle fuel efficiency and engine life.


Avoid Accidents

Speed Governors have the potential to reduce the number of crashes, avoid accidents and save money on insurance premiums.

Easy Installation

Electronic speed limiter is designed for extremely easy and simple fitment and it only takes a few   minutes in installation, also the cost can be recovered due to increased vehicle fuel efficiency.