CCTV Camera

Spy Camera

Spy camera is a tool used to capture image and video without their knowledge..Spy hidden camera have become more popular in these days for security purposes as security cameras in househld, and offices etc. This camera is hidden because it is not visible to the people who is being captured. A spy camera can be wired or wireless used to transmit a video signal to a receiver within short frequency range.Spy cameras are more used in worldwide due to their low cost.

Now a days news channels used these tools to get latest updates and news. Also the media person used spy hidden camera for sting operations against corruption and other kind of sting operations.

Wireless Camera

A wireless camera is the best way to transmit audio and video signal to a wireless receiver without using a wire. There are two types of wireless cameras are available analog and digital. Analog wireless camera transmits audio and video signal by using frequencies. Digital wireless camera transmits audio and video signal encoded in digital packet over highbandwidth frequencies.Wireless cameras are popular among modern security patrons due to low costs. wireless cameras can be install in locations earlier engaged to regular wired cameras. It is easy in use.