3rd Eye India is a leading company in GPS & GIS solutions since 2011. If you have one vehicle or many, we have 3rd Eye India Vehicle Tracker System is one of the top GPS tracking system in India and have GPS tracking, GPRS tracking, Vehicle tracking, Pet tracking, Mobile Jammers packages for you.We are caring Complete North India considering

“3rd Eye India Vehicle Tracker” is very easy to install and come with user friendly application which helps you forget about technical issues and centre purely on your business to increase strength that consider to modify revenue, trim costs, and ability to gain profitably.


Who We Work For

Our Products are for everyone. From Schools to Transport Owners. From Personal Vehicles Owners to Parents who wants to tracks their children/ Pets/ Old Persons. Our Primary focus is on Rising Customer Services, Real Time Operation Visibility and increase actions from vehicles and service representatives of our clients.

The tracker I use is actually used by my transport company as Security purpose. It’s a very useful device which makes our business easier and increases our growth rate.

The 3rd Eye India tracking device is a quality GPS tracker that is packed with many features to observe the location of your child, teen or drivers. Simply you can login online in to your account from your computer and check all of them.

The GPS device works really well for camping, finding location, and security of our vehicles. The use of 3rd Eye India Vehicle tracking device provides you amazing traffic services with exact navigational experience and information without any delays.